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Niche Insurance


The construction industry in Western PA has witnessed its ups and downs. The current climate is one that has seen increased competition, shrinking margins and decreased cash flow. It is critical that our clients focus on obtaining new jobs, and keeping current jobs profitable.

While our clients focus on these aspects of business, it is our job to help you manage your risk, make sure that you have adequate coverage and at the most affordable price the market has to offer.  Day to Day service, such as certificate issuance and policy changes and  also necessity in order to keep your operations moving in the right direction.

These services are all outlined up front with our clients to eliminate gaps in coverage or lapses in service. A regular communication plan allows us and our clients to stay on pace so that each party is successful.


Yes, we know that “General” is the opposite of “Niche,” but it is important that we mention that we have a number of carriers and specialty programs that fit a number of different industries. We have broad experience dealing with a variety of different businesses and vast resources to handle any client. Lastly, we don’t feel it necessary to list all of those industries below, rather give us a call to discuss how we may be able to improve your business and lower your insurance costs.

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