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Start Up Business

A start up business is a risky venture but one that has significant rewards. Assured Risk Advisors understands the needs of this market, because we have been there. Securing the right coverage as a start up business at a fair price can be challenging.

We have specialized insurance programs tailored for your start up business that will allow you to grow and be successful. Once we have the right information from you related to your new business we can set up a new policy in less than 3 business days. Please fill out information in the “I need coverage” tab or call us to start the process.

Small Business

The small business sector in PA andthroughout our nation is a key driver in our economy. Managing your costs and staying within your budget can be challenging especially when it comes to your insurance premiums.

Our strategic approach to small business allows us to focus on a plan that obtains the lowest premium available in the market, at the right coverage levels. Starting with an exposure analysis, negotiating on your behalf and working on a plan that controls your costs, will allow you to focus on making money.

Lastly, maintaining our client relationships is at our core. For that reason, we also put a lot of emphasis on meeting your deadlines and same day response to all needs. In fact, if we don’t, we would expect your to fire us.

Middle Market

The middle market has historically been loosely defined. We view this segment to be any business that is paying between $150,000-$1,200,00 in annual insurance premium. Assured Risk Advisors has invested in resources so that our capabilities match the needs of clients that fit into this segment.

Our service model is simple: Identify the needs of your business, design a plan to manage your costs, deliver the best program available in the market, and maximize you and your employees time on revenue generating activity.

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